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Klix Brushes - Start Clean, Click and Go

Professionally designed utilizing patent approved technology, Klix is a smart new line of cosmetic brushes that can improve your skin's appearance. Convenient, easy and affordable, Klix is an innovative advancement in flawless skincare that keeps you looking fabulous.


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A fresh brush for a fabulous face

Introducing Klix, the new advancement in makeup brushes. Klix features replaceable, recyclable makeup brush heads, so you won't have to spend time cleaning, rinsing, drying and reshaping your makeup brushes, only to find they never quite work the same again. And they aren't even clean. With Klix, you can ensure flawless makeup application and protect your skin from blemish-causing bacteria. All with the click of a button. In a recent survey, women said they do not clean their makeup brushes because it is a hassle, it is too time consuming or they simply forget. Dirty makeup brushes can harbor bacteria, makeup residue, oils and dust after a few applications, which can cause acne, skin infections, and aggravate existing skin conditions or simply detract from your skin's appearance.

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